White Christmas

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Dec 3, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Do you think the Red River Valley will turn white for Christmas?  The odds favor at least one inch of snow or more on the ground but it’s not a sure thing.  According to National Weather Service data there’s a 90-percent chance of seeing a white Christmas in the Grand forks area while Fargo sees snow on the ground 84-percent of the time.  Mark Ewens of the n-w-s office in grand forks says only time will tell about 2012.  Typically Grand Forks has around five inches on the ground at Christmas time.   Grand Forks had a “brown” Christmas in 2011 and before that in 2006. 

***although snow is not in the picture this week both the 6 to 10 and  8 to 14 day outlook call for temps to be below average and  precipitaion to be above average…….

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