Vehicle Hits GF Motel

Aug 6, 2012 at 12:53 pm

A Grand Forks man faces several charges after a Saturday night incident that resulted in a vehicle crashing into the Lucky Inn Motel on South Washington Street.   According to police the suspect was allegedly assaulting a 33-year old female outside the motel around ten-30 p-m.   a passing motorist observed the event and turned around to help the woman.   Police Lt-Grant Schiller says as the good samaritan approached the motel the suspect pushed the woman in front of the moving car.  The vehicle missed the woman striking the corner of the building.   Authroties found The suspect -- identified as 33-year old Jason Mattsen --hiding underneath a nearby vehicle.   Mattsen has been charged with simple assault…domestic violence…and reckless endangerment.   The woman was treated for cuts and bruises.   An estimate of the damage to the motel was not available.

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