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Oct 11, 2013 at 11:52 am


The university of north Dakota is launching a training program for pilots of unmanned aircraft.  The simulator based curriculum will take place at the grand forks air force base and involve predator drones.   The u-s air force research lab is providing nearly five-and-a-half million to help develop flight training programs at u-n-d.   Lt-governor drew Wrigley says it’s just one more reason for north Dakota to be designated a test site for unmanned and manned aircraft.   The f-a-a is expected to announce six test sites by the end of the year.


u-a-s activity is considered to be the fastest growing aviation field with both military and civilian applications.   U-n-d aerospace dean bruce smith says future demand for commercial u-a-s pilots is limitless.   Smith says 15 years from now the air vehicle of choice with the exception of passenger flights will be u-a-s.

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