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Dec 13, 2013 at 11:51 am






The university of north Dakota updated plans and designs for its 124 million dollar med school project during a public forum last night.   The 320-thousand square foot complex will be located near north Columbia road and gateway drive.  The four-story building will improve research and clinical space while helping to address the state’s health care workforce needs.    med school dean joshua wynne says they simply are out of room.

Groundbreaking is expected to take place in july 2014 with a completion date set for 2016. 

A couple of large building projects for the university of north Dakota were given the green light by the legislature’s budget section this week.  U-n-d is looking to add a 25-million dollar aerospace building to the odegard school campus.  The 65-thousand square foot facility would be west and connected to ryan hall.   The building would target u-a-s research and education.   The legislative committee approved the plan on a 23 to 13 vote.

Meanwhile…budget members also said “yes” to a 15-and-a-half million dollar collaborative energy center.  the building will be the home to the newly established department of petroleum engineering and institute for energy studies.   Enrollment has grown from seven to 200 over the past three years.   The committee vote was 26 to nine in favor of the project.

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