U-S Highway 2 make-over underway

Jun 28, 2012 at 2:19 pm

Work crews are moving fences and planting trees and shrubs as part of a beautification project along highway two west of grand forks.   The north Dakota department of transportation is picking up the bulk of the 600-thousand dollar construction tab.   a series of group plantings will dot the landscape between 55th street and the airport road.   North Dakota d-o-t program manager ben kubischta says one of the struggles was finding the right mix of trees and shrubs that will grow in that area which is dominated by alkali soils.  Kubischta says the project is also designed to create a living snow fence near the intersection of highway two and airport road.  The city's share of the beautification effort is around eleven-thousand dollars.   Most of the work and plantings will be completed by july 1st.

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