Trash Recycling?

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Jun 4, 2013 at 1:21 pm


The grand forks council opted last night to kick the recycling can debate down the road for another two weeks.   Members tabled action on a plan to expand the current recycling program to include drop-off containers.   Supporters say it will increase participation and make it more convenient.   Critics balk at the added expense of buying containers for every household.   Councilman terry bjerke offered a suggestion….scrap the program entirely.   Bjerke says it's a feel good program that costs the city too much money.

Residents currently pay two-dollars-42 cents per month to support recycling in the city.   The council voted four-three to delay a new five year contract with service provider waste manangement.   One question members want answered is how the company will market the program.   Upwards of 40-percent of residents currently recycle.

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