Sunsdahl Verdict

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Nov 21, 2013 at 9:50 am

A northwestern Minnesota man has been convicted of three felonies for terrorizing and attempting to coerce $500,000 from his neighbors in the Thief River Falls area.
     A Pennington County jury found Gerald Sunsdahl guilty of the crimes on Wednesday.  A sentecing date is set for December 16th.
     The 52-year-old was charged with pressuring brothers Dean Hanson and Dale Hanson to pay him money.  A letter Sunsdahl left in their mailbox in June threatened to kill their family if they didn't deliver the cash in three roadside installments.  He followed the threat-filled letter with a call where he disguised his voice.
     A judge denied a request from Sunsdahl's attorney to grant him release from jail pending sentencing.






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