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Apr 10, 2013 at 10:45 am

Springfest is a go…maybe.   The Grand Forks Safety/Service Committee approved a special alcohol license for the annual event in University Park on a divided 2-1 vote.   The same committee tabled the request two weeks ago over concerns about allowing the under 21 crowd to be in the same location as those of legal drinking age.   Neighborhood residents have long complained about the event and spillover house parties.  Only one nearby homeowner showed up at last night’s meeting to complain.  Terry nelson says it’s been a problem since day one and off-site house parties are a major concern.

Committee Chair Terry Bjerke cast the lone vote against the noise / alcohol permit.  Bjerke says committee members have spent the past several months talking about binge and underage drinking and then approve the end of the year beer bash.   The full council still needs to approve the permit for the May 4th event.

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