Sexual Assault

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Sep 30, 2013 at 6:32 pm

Grand Forks Police are investigating the reported sexual assaults of two women in a north side apartment.  Authorities responded to the unit on the 3400 block of 13th Avene North around two am.   When officers arrived they were told a male suspect entered the apartment through a sliding glass door and demanded money.   The suspect then sexually assaulted both occupants before fleeing the scene.   He was described as being black...early 20's...six foot-one...weighing between 200 and 230 pounds.  The suspect was last seen wearing a black jacket...dark colored shirt...and black pants.  Police say he also has a tattoo on the back side of his right hand which looks like cursive writing and an unknown tattoo on the front of his abdomen.   Authorities say the suspect was also in possession of a weapon.  Anyone with information about the crime is urged to contact the GFPD at 787-8000.

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