RRV Spring Flood Outlook

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Jan 24, 2014 at 11:21 am


There’s a lot of winter left but officials at the national weather service are already looking ahead to spring.  The n-w-s issued its first preliminary outlook for the upcoming snow-melt season and so far so good.   Based on current conditions the risk for substantial flooding along the red river appears low.   Soil moisture and stream flow conditions are in the normal range…snowpack is near the long-term average…and snow-water is less than normal due in part to colder drier winter airmasses.

Right now there is only a 30-percent chance of moderate flooding in greater grand forks come spring -- and less than five-percent chance for major flooidng.  The best guess on a crest would be around 36 feet (50-50).   On the red lake river at crookston (mn) there is less than a five -percent chance of moderate flooding.

the long-range outlook suggest the rest of the winter season will likely trend colder than normal – meaning an early thaw is less likely.   an updated outlook will be released in about four weeks.

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