Popular baby names in 2011

Jun 28, 2012 at 2:20 pm

According to social security administration data the top baby names in 2011 were Jacob and Sophia.   Jacob has been in the top spot for several years while Sophia knocked off Isabella for top honors across the country.   A closer look finds the top boys' name in north Dakota and Minnesota was mason.  On the girls side emma and Olivia take top honors respectively.  North Dakota parents agreed with their counterparts across the country on four of the top ten names for boys and six of ten on the girls names.    Minnesota moms and dads agreed on five of the top ten boys names and on seven of the top ten for girls.    the most popular boys names in north Dakota:   mason...carter... Jacob...liam...and ethan.   For girls the names were :  emma...ava...Sophia... Olivia...and harper.

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