Police search for three masked men

Jun 28, 2012 at 1:47 pm

grand forks police are looking for three suspects who forced their way into a home demanding money and drugs. Authorities say they were called to the residence at 136 valley ho around five-40 Monday morning.  Officers say the homeowners...carmen and sherman jones...were threatened by the masked intruders. sherman jones was struck with a blunt object and the suspects hit a pet killing the dog. grand fporks police sgt b-a johnson says it may not have been a random act. Police say two of the three suspects were described as being six feet...average their late 20's with dark hair. The third suspect appears to be in his mid to late teens...about five-eight....slim build with blonde hair. all were wearing dark clothing and gloves. The male homeowner was treated and released from altru due to injuries sustained during the robbery.

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