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Jan 29, 2013 at 7:01 am

The city of Grand Forks is looking to “clean up the books” as it continues its discussion about rewriting the ordinance requiring developers to set aside eight-percent of land for park dedication.    The Finance Committee reviewed a report last night detailing all park open space dedications dating back to 1998.   The analysis suggests a handful of developments lacked a record of payment to meet the requirement if land was not set aside.   City Planner Brad Gengler says the report was based on city records and will need to be cross-checked with park district minutes.   According to the report the policy has generated 311 acres of green space and 939-thousand dollars in revenue.   Parks Superintendent Bill Palmascino says if payments are made the money is used to improve a nearby park that serves the area.   The park district anticipates launching a comprehensive master plan of all green space in 2013.

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