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Mar 13, 2014 at 1:16 pm


Dispatch centers in grand forks and fargo will be among the first in north Dakota to offer next generation 9-1-1 systems.   The upgrade will allow cellphone users to text 9-1-1 messages to emergency dispatchers.  If all goes as planned the transition could be completed by this fall.   Grand forks p-sap director becky ault says the majority of the 73-thousand calls for service in 2013 came in via a cellphone.   Ault says while the public will be able to text emergency messages dispatchers would still prefer an actual phone call.

There are twenty-two dispatch centers across north dakota.   Ault says until all centers are up and running fargo will serve as a primary site for incoming text messages and grand forks will serve as a back-up.  Those messages will than be relayed to the appropriate dispatch center.  grafton should also be up and running with next generation later this year.

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