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Dec 3, 2013 at 11:34 am


Gov. Jack Dalrymple today announced the creation of a task force that will guide statewide property tax reform. The 14-member Task Force on Property Tax Reform, largely represented by property taxpayers and authorities from local tax jurisdictions, will evaluate the system of assessing and collecting taxes by locally elected officials and will forward to the Governor and Legislature its recommendations for reform.


“Now that we have provided historic tax relief, it’s time to take the next step and achieve lasting property tax reform,” Dalrymple said. “We can improve the property tax system and provide greater transparency in the budgeting process of our local political subdivisions.


Since 2009, the state has provided an unprecedented $2.4 billion in tax relief.  The state is providing more than half of the tax relief – about $1.5 billion – through reductions in local property taxes.

Although the state has continued to provide for local property tax reductions, rising property valuations have outpaced the state support within many political subdivisions, leading to net increases in local tax collections. 


“We can simplify our property tax system and provide more transparency in the budgeting process of local governments,” Dalrymple said. “Through the work of this task force, we may also identify opportunities to improve the property tax system in ways that result in meaningful savings for taxpayers.”


Dalrymple is creating the Task Force on Property Tax Reform by executive order, directing its members to research and analyze all mill levies authorized by all political subdivisions other than school districts.


The task force will hold its first meeting Friday, Dec. 6. Dalrymple said he wants the task force to complete its work in time to forward its research and recommendations to the 64th Legislative Assembly which will convene Jan. 6, 2015.




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