ND Pipeline Plea

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Sep 19, 2013 at 7:35 am


North Dakota governor jack dalrymple is asking industry leaders to invest in additional oil and gas pipelines in the state to further reduce flaring of natural gas.    Dalrymple addressed the north Dakota petroleum council meeting in grand forks.   the governor says many small things have been done to help reduce flaring from tax incentives to use on site use.  Dalrymple says the next step is to move the natural gas to the east coast.  He says the state will not get rid of the volumes of gas being flared today unless there is serious gads capacity going out by pipeline.   Dalrymple says the state’s energy boom has brought both wealth and challenges to the state.   He says huge investments have been made in the state’s infrastructure while state residents have see substantial tax relief.

The three day conference wraped up on wednesday.

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