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Nov 22, 2013 at 10:46 am

State Board of Higher Education members say a proposed plan to improve graduation rates might leave out too many students who could become successful.
     The board discussed the so-called Pathways to Student Success plan Thursday at its monthly meeting in Mayville. The plan is scheduled to be fully implemented in 2015.
     Figures show that 41 percent of the students who started at North Dakota State University in 2006 and graduated would not be eligible to enroll under the proposed admission index. Thirty-six percent of University of North Dakota students who started in 2006 and received degrees would not be allowed into the school.

     An NDUS report suggest of the new freshman at UND this Fall 46-percent would not be admissable under the Pathways plan.
     The index is based upon a combination of high school grade point average, core courses and college entrance exam scores.






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