ND Oil Record

Jun 14, 2013 at 1:12 pm


North Dakota continues to set new records for oil production.  State Minersal Resource Director Lynn Helms says 793-thousand barrels of oil were pumped on average each day.  Wet weather in May prevented the numbers from climbing een higher.


Mar Oil
24,272,969 barrels = 782,999 barrels/day
Apr Oil 23,797,461 barrels = 793,249 barrels/day (preliminary)(NEW all time high)


Mar Gas 26,236,344 MCF = 834,637 MCF/day
Apr Gas 25,811,939 MCF = 846,906 MCF/day (preliminary)(NEW all time high)
Producing Wells = 8,639
Apr Producing Wells = 8,758 (preliminary)(NEW all time high)
Mar Sweet Crude Price = $87.25/barrel
Apr Sweet Crude Price = $87.85/barrel
May Sweet Crude Price = $87.94/barrel

Mar rig count 186
Apr rig count 186
May rig count 187







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