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Aug 1, 2013 at 7:39 am

North Dakota's state Mill and Elevator is reporting its third most profitable year on record.
     The mill Tuesday reported making $11.9 million during its last budget year, which ended in June. That's up 48 percent from fiscal year 2012, when the mill made $8 million.
     State officials say the mill has transferred about 52 percent of profits, or more than $5.6 million, to the state's general fund. Nearly $600,000 goes to an agriculture fuel tax fund and the rest of the money is used for mill operations.
     Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring says farmers sold a record 25.5 million bushels of grain to the mill last year and millers produced record shipments of 1.1 billion pounds of flour.
     The mill, established in 1922, is overseen by the state Industrial Commission.

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