Missing Child Found

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May 6, 2014 at 1:36 pm



A scare turned into joy in eastern north dakota early this morning.   Authorities say a three-year old missing from his cooperstown area farm home was found unharmed.  The griggs county sheriff’s office responded to a call of a missing child around 8:30 Monday night.   authorities started a massive search involving volunteers on foot…riders on horseback…and a-t-v riders.  The north Dakota highway patrol brought in a bloodhound search dog and launched a plane equipped with enhanced imaging.   With the threat of rain looming around 2:00 am a decision was made to begin to scale back the operation.  A few minutes later an a-t-v riding cooperstown fireman spotted the child.  The headlight captured the family dog lying on top of young carson urness shielding him from the cold and rain.   Carson is the son of brock and courtney urness.












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