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Jun 18, 2013 at 8:22 am


An expanded recycling program is coming to grand forks…maybe.   The city council has agreed  to drop off 90 gallon side load containers for homeowners to deposit their cans…bottles…and plastics in.   residents can also opt for a smaller 60 gallon can.  Supporters say it will help increase recycling and keep garbage from blowing around town.  Critics say the move is expensive and unnecessary.   Councilman dana sande voted against the program saying he can’t support spending an extra two-million dollars when a decision is looming on how to pay for a water treatment plant.   Councilman brett weber says 95-prercent of the calls he has received on the topic have been in favor of an expanded program.

the average homeowner will see costs jump from $2.52 a month under the plan to $2.93 -- plus the price of the container.    One potential hitch in the deal is that the city is requiring recycling provider waste management to spend 30-thousand dollars each year of the five year contract on marketing.   The company has only agreed to spend 15-thousand over the life of the agreement.

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