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Dec 20, 2012 at 11:11 am

With the New Year comes a new study of water quality in Grand Forks.  The city will launch a pilot program to see how best to treat the stuff that comes out of your tap.  The analysis is being done as Grand Forks begins to take a serious look at building a new water treatment plant.  The study will look at this summer’s diminishing river flows and additional releases from the swollen Devils Lake that resulted in significant salinity increases.   Public Works Director Todd Feland says part of the study involves placing a mini treatment plant inside the existing facility to test a membrane technology.  Due to the impact of Devils Lake water in the river system both Valley City and Fargo have pursued membrane treatment options.   Grand Forks is looking to begin design work on a new plant by 2015.   The 125-million dollar project would be completed in 2020.

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