GF Stabbing (updated)

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Nov 19, 2013 at 11:44 am


A 21-year old man will be charged with murder in connection with an early Sunday morning stabbing in Grand Forks County.    The Grand Forks Sheriff’s Department says the victim 33-year old Ruben Cisneros died at the scene.   Joe Saucedo was arrested in Polk County (mn) and is in the Northwest Regional Correctional Center in Crookston (mn).     Grand Forks Sheriff Bob Rost says Saucedo is accused of stabbing the victim multiple times.   Rost says two other men identified as Vincent Gladue and Thomas Begg are also in the Crookston jail and will be charged with conspiracy to commit burglary – a class “B” felony.   A 23-year old female identified as Jennifer Blue also faces conspiracy to commit burglary and is jailed in Grand Forks.     Extradition proceedings are underway to try and bring the suspects back to North Dakota. 

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