GF School Budget Cuts

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Dec 10, 2013 at 9:54 am


the grand forks school board agreed to slash just over one-million dollars in spending last night to help balance the budget books for the current school year.   the cuts range from training and transportation to a reduction in technology spending…soft hiring freeze…and elimination of district socials.   Spared from the budget axe was a 15-thousand dollar cut in the artist in the classroom program.   Assistant superintendent jodi thompson says the cut would mean fewer days with an artist but not fewer days of art.  Grand Forks is one of only a handful of districts in the state to offer an artist in the classroom program.

A motion to approve the full range of proposed cuts was defeated on a five-to-three vote.   A follow-up motion to approve the cuts but maintain the artist in the classroom program was approved six-to-two. 


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