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Dec 18, 2012 at 8:55 am

The Grand Forks City Council approved a 2013 salary plan for city employees last night including a raise for the Community and Government Relations Officer.   Pete Haga’s salary has been an issue with the council since he was awarded a 24-thousand-500 dollar bump earlier this year.   Several council members say they should have been notified of the size of the award ahead of time.   Haga’s salary will climb another 1.81% under a pay for performance recommendation by Mayor Mike Brown.   Councilman Doug Christensen says the initial raise was granted out of cycle.  Councilman Dana Sande says steps have been put into place to ensure large raises don’t happen again but signaling out one person is bad policy.  A motion to scrap Haga’s 2013 raise was defeated four-to-three.   

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