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Nov 12, 2013 at 6:50 am


the grand forks service / safety committee will toss around a five-year recycling agreement with waste management at Tuesday’s meeting.  The agreement maintains the current level of service at a cost to the average residential homeowner of two-dollars-52 cents per month.  You may recall mayor mike brown broke a council vote in august against an expanded automated side load collection of recyclables.   One notable change in the new contract is a potential for revenue sharing for recyclables.  If the city would collect and haul recyclables to waste management’s facility in grand forks it could receive up to 80-percent of the value of the commodity sold after processing.   City administrator todd feland says they’ll study the idea to see if it’s a way to help pay for the program.

The north Dakota health department’s waste management division has challenged the city to achieve a 40-percent recycling goal.  Right now grand forks diverts about 28-percent of its waste.


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