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Jun 12, 2013 at 11:57 am


Grand forks council members continue to toss around ideas for revamping the city’s recycling program.  After a lengthy study and numerous meetings members appear to be leaning towards expanding the program to include curbside containers.  Recycling currently costs the average homeowner two-dollars-42 cents per month.  Under the existing program that fee will climb another dime.  Expanding the program bumps the bill to two-dollars-93 cents per month plus the cost of new containers.   Public works director todd feland says participation in the program has been growing over the years.

At issue is whether the city should purchase a 60 or 90 gallon container for residents to use.  The public safety-service committee voted two-to-one to go with 90 gallons – but several council members say the smaller bins would be easier to handle and store.  The full council weighs in on the debate monday night.

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