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Apr 24, 2013 at 8:03 am

Roadside memorials will be allowed in grand forks under a policy approved by the  safety-service committee last night.   An application process is being set up for relatives who want to honor a family member killed in a crash.   The memorial would be a standardized sign placed on a traffic pole that contains a safety message.   Jackie hoffarth’s brother died in an accident and says her family placed a memorial along the roadside only to have someone take it down.  HOFFATH CALLS IT A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.   Grand forks resident schurke swanke called the policy a bad idea SAYING MEMORIALS SHOULD ONLY BE ALLOWED IN A CEMETERY.

The initial cost of the signage is expected to be around 30 dollars.  The memorial sign would only be placed along busy streets and would be removed after ten years.   The policy still needs the approval of the full city council.

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