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Aug 17, 2012 at 11:21 am

The Grand Forks Public Works Department is getting close to tossing out the latest ideas for collecting trash and improving the city’s recycling program.   The centerpiece will be the option of placing your junk in either 60 or 90 gallon containers – at varying price levels.    Residential homes would also receive a 90 gallon side-load container for co-mingled recyclables.   Public Works Director Todd Feland says a task force is still working to fine-tuning the numbers but the general rule is to charge customers using a smaller container less.  The cost of recycling would be included in the overall garbage bill but residents would not be penalized for opting out of the program.   Feland says the goal is to give homeowners some price-point options that fit their needs without complicating the collection process.   The Grand Forks Public Service / Safety Committee will consider the changes in a couple of weeks.

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