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Jan 24, 2014 at 11:11 am


East grand forks (mn) students will likely have to forfeit a scheduled day off of school to make up for the recent spat of storm days.   District-595 has called off classes already three times this winter – including the governor’s statewide mandate earlier this month.     Superintendent david pace says the they had three storm days built into the calendar but there's a lot of winter left.

students may have to hit the books on president’s day in february and another day    march 7th to put a little breathing room back into the school calendar.   Pace says he’ll discuss the recommendation with the school board at an upcoming meeting.

grand forks students will have to show up april 17th and may 23rd to make up for lost time.  That leaves the district four hours short of the minimum required. School officials say unless they receive a waiver of forgiveness from the state they will likely have to lengthen some school days to make up the difference.

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