GF Courthouse Turns 100

GF Courthouse Turns 100 Click to Enlarge

Jul 16, 2013 at 1:13 pm


Around 150 people turned out for a ceremony to mark the 100th birthday of the grand forks county courthouse today.  T he cornerstone of the building was laid july 16th in 1913.

As the city band played the national anthem flags were placed on the lawn outside the building which is topped by lady justice and her scales.   Featured speaker retired district judge kirk smith says the courthouse is more than a place of work it echoes of the people who entered its halls over the years.   smith says the original building cost around 190-thousand dollars -- another 60-thousand dollars going for lights…furniture…and spittoons.    he added any extra cash today goes towards laptops…computers…and the latest technology.    While still in use for court proceedings many departments in 1999 were moved into the new county office building across the street.

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