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Mar 14, 2013 at 1:25 pm

While much of North Dakota’s population growth has occurred in western areas of the state the east is chipping in on the numbers as well.   The U-S Census Bureau today released the agency’s updated metropolitan area and county counts.   The Fargo metro area gained three-thousand0-726 residents and the Grand Forks metro area gained 827 residents.  The Grand Forks metro count includes Polk County (MN) numbers.    Rod Backman of the North Dakota Census Committee says he would expect most of the growth to have occurred in the city of Grand Forks.  He says Grand Forks County Added 909 people to the overall census suggesting losses occured on the Minnesota side of the border.  Census estimates for each city won’t be released for another month or so.   Grand Forks leaders have long believed the CB undercounts the true population of the city and they are considering an appeal.   Backman says there are some things to consider when working through the process and some agencies by law are only allowed to use the 2010 count when releasing federal funds.  Backman says the state considered an appeal in the past only to determine the return didn’t justify the cost.

Meanwhile…the latest estimates show both the Williston and Dickinson micro areas ranked among the fastest growing in the nation.

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