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May 6, 2014 at 1:23 pm


The grand forks city council received a report last night detailing everything you want to know about property taxes including the latest boost in property valuations.   As k-n-o-x news told you a week ago the value of property in the city is projected to climb just over eleven-percent in 2014.   the report by the assessing office puts the total value of all property in grand forks atthree-point-eight billion dollars – or 385-hundred million higher than 2013.  city council member terry bjerke says the increased value of a mill should make for some interesting discussions come budget time.  Finance officials say the city is aware of the concern and it will be a part of future budget talks.

The report also suggests that the median assessment has climbed 72-percent since 2003 while the mill levy has decreased 29-percent. 

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