French Fry Frenzy

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Sep 5, 2013 at 6:44 am


Organizers of the annual French fry feed in grand forks will try once again tonight (thurs) to set a new world record for the largest single serving of French fries.  The event is part of the potato bowl activities held each year to recognize the spud industry in the red river valley (nd & mn).   The goal is for residents to gobble down more that two-and-a-half tons of fries.  The current record was set two years ago at five-thousand-10 pounds.  The fries run through a conveyor belt that dips them into 140 gallons of hot oil.  organizers say they have made some modifications to the unit with the goal of reducing the wait time for fries.   last year’s attempt to set the record came up short.  red river valley is the largest producer of “reds” accounting for 25-percent of all u-s production.


activities conclude with the  football game between u-n-d and s-d-s-u on saturday.

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