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Sep 25, 2013 at 1:00 pm


Allete energy is promoting a plan for a 500 mile long energy corridor to help move north Dakota oil and gas to new markets.  The corridor would parallel a 465 mile long electric transmission line that runs from center (nd) to duluth.  the energy company is looking to extend the pathway 60 miles west to the bakken oil fields.   Allete c-e-o al hodnik says co-locating oil…gas…electric…water…and wastewate lines makes a lot of regulatory sense.

North Dakota governor jack dalrymple says the corridor is an opportunity to reduce flaring of natural gas by moving the product to eastern markets.   hodnik adds the line could also carry carbon dioxide from coal fire power plants back to western north Dakota for use in advanced oil recovery.

the duluth based company says they are already in talks with firms that would participate in the energy corridor.

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