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Jun 10, 2014 at 9:19 pm

GF City Council

Second Ward

*Crystal Schneider   231    59%

Jode Gibbs            156    41%


Fourth Ward

*Jeannie Schultz Mock   405    54%

Nels Christianson          337    46%


Sixth Ward

*Dana Sand          335     (unopposed)


GF Park Commissioner

*Tim Skarperud 28.21%

*Greg LaDouceur   27.84%

*Molly Soeby   24.51%

Tom Spicer    19.09%


GF School Board

2-year term

Bill Palmiscno

Ward Johnson


4-year term

Meggen Sande

Eric Burin

Rebecca Grandstrand

Doug Carpenter

Dane Ferguson


North Dakota voters have approved a proposed constitutional amendment to set an earlier deadline for initiated measure petitions.
Measure 1 changes the date to 120 days before an election, rather than the current 90 days.
Secretary of State Al Jaeger pushed for the new deadline to give his office more time to review signature petitions for accuracy and to allow the state Supreme Court an extended period to consider challenges.








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