EGF Pool

Jul 25, 2012 at 12:51 pm

The East Grand Forks pool is slated to get a major make-over this fall if last night’s city council vote escapes a mayoral veto.  The council voted four to three to accept the low bid  to renovate the 49-year old pool.   When all is said and done the project is expected to top the one-point-nine million mark.  The high cost of the project has been a concern to city leaders who say it could translate into a six to seven percent levy increase to taxpayers.  Councilman Mike Pokrzywinski says the high cost is a concern but there is a lot of support for the pool project.  Mayor Lynn Stauss has indicated he’ll take a hard look at the pool project and its cost.    A grassroots committee that supports the pool project is scheduled to hold its first meeting on Thursday.

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