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Oct 25, 2012 at 6:48 am

Two members of the East Grand Forks council are floating an idea regarding the city’s aging lagoon system.   Mike Pokrzywinski and Wayne Gregoire have been supporters of an interconnect system with Grand Forks.  The latest plan includes decommissioning the existing wastewater ponds and turning them into a wildlife preserve.   As part of the project the boundaries of the Red River State Recreational area would be extended to the north – increasing development along the corridor.  Pokrzywinski says the plan stands a better chance of attracting state funding and result in additional cost savings.  An inspection of the city’s wastewater system was conducted by the Minnesota PCA last month.   In a letter to the city dated September 28th the report outlines several violations and the steps needed to avoid possible enforcement actions.   It also urges city leaders to actively move the decision forward either the interconnect or an upgrade the existing pond system.

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