Dutch Elm Disease

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Aug 19, 2013 at 7:41 am

The latest buzz about town could be the sound of a chainsaw cutting down a neighborhood tree.   forestry officials have identified upwards of 125 trees in grand forks with dutch elm disease this summer.  Those trees are being removed to help stem the spread the elm bark beetle – the culprit behind dutch elm.    city forester mike fugazzi of the grand forks park district says the number of infected elms removed has been steady in recent years.   He says dutch elm peaked locally in the early 1990’s when as many as 13-hundred trees were removed in a given year.    Fugazzi says despite the threat they haven’t given up on the species.  He says they still plant disease resistant elm varieties around town.


The first symptom of infection is usually an upper branch of the tree with leaves starting to wither and yellow in the summer before the normal autumnal leaf shedding.    The cut trees are ground and used for cover at the landfill.

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