Drunk Driving Crackdown

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May 3, 2013 at 11:45 am


A full court press this weekend to keep drunk drivers from climbing behind the wheel.  The north Dakota highway patrol will team up with the grand forks sheriff’s department and g-f-p-d on a saturation patrol Saturday.  extra troopers will be on the road to detect and apprehend impaired drivers.   In addition a sobriety checkpoint will be set up somewhere in the county.   Since the first of the year 33 people have lost their lives in traffic accidents around the state – 40-percent alcohol-related. 


The event coincides with the annual springfest celebration in university park.  Last year the end-of-the-year bash resulted in 118 tickets by grand forks police.   among the citations:   42 for public consumption…31 for having alcohol in the park without a permit…25 minor in consumption.

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