Crookston Swatting

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Apr 22, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Crookston  police are investigating a case of “swatting.”   The prank involves tricking a dispatcher into sending out police and swat teams to an unsuspecting victim’s home under false pretenses.  On Sunday the PD received a call of shots fired through the Minnesota relay system for hearing or speech disabilities.   The caller stated that he got word of the shooting from a 15-year old male.  Officers went to three different homes before finding the family in question safe and sound – and a juvenile male the butt of a bad joke.   Crookston Police Detective Sergeant Aaron Pry says they take all calls seriously.

Detective Pry says there are consequences for making bogus calls.

Several states are working on anti-swatting laws in an effort to crack down on pranksters.

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