Cold Enough?

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Dec 12, 2013 at 1:51 pm


It’s been cold….but it’s been colder.    The national weather service says our temps during the first ten days of the month are not enough to even place us in a top ten all time cold starts to December.   Despite overnight lows exceeding minus 20 in recent days the mean temp in december has been one-point-five degrees above zero.   By comparison grand forks residents may remember December 1972 when value temps were six-point-eight degrees below zero.   Mark ewens of the n-w-s office says you can blame the bulk of the cold on a high pressure ridge over Alaska.

although short breaks from the frigid temps are likley ewens says it doesn’t look like they’re ready to go completely away anytime soon.

Average temps this time of the year?…..daytime highs 21 degrees and overnight lows of four above.


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