Charges filed in drug case

Jun 28, 2012 at 2:32 pm

A warning from the grand forks police department about the dangers of using synthetic drugs.  Drug recognition expert sgt-travis Jacobson says no two people react the same and it often leads to bizare behavior – which can be fatal. He says compounding the enforcement problem is the ever changing nature of the drugs.  In addition to short term problems Jacobson says there's the long term impact for the user.   There have been two deaths in the greater grand forks area in recent weeks believed to be linked to the use of synthetic drugs.

A Minnesota man faces a murder charge in what authorities say is a bad batch of synthetic drugs circulating in the northern Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota.  Eighteen-year-old Adam Budge of East Grand Forks is accused of supplying the synthetic hallucinogens that authorities say killed 17-year-old Elijah Stai (sty) of Park Rapids, Minn.   Budge faces murder, manslaughter and controlled substances charges.  Police have linked a second death to the synthetic drugs case.  Eighteen-year-old Christian Bjerk of Grand Forks died on June 11.  Twenty-two-year-old Andrew Spofford of Grand Forks faces a reckless endangerment charge in that death.

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