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Jan 29, 2013 at 7:11 am

Cities Area Transit is looking to tinker with some of the fares designed to put more fairness into the cost of riding a bus in Greater Grand Forks.   CAT will revise the cost of the ten ride cards for adults upwards by three-dollars and the senior /disabled price by 25-cents.   The goal is to provide the same percentage discount on all ten card purchases.   In addition bus officials are planning to start offering a new daily pass and a 14-day pass at a cost of five and 18-dollars respectively.  The monthly pass also jumps from 32 to 35 dollars.    Last year bus ridership hit a record 371-thousand plus passengers – an increase of nearly 13-percent.  CAT Manager Dale Bergman says he would expect that number to grow again this year.

The proposed changes would kick in April first.   The daily fee structure will not change under the plan.   

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