Antique Gas Station

Sep 11, 2012 at 12:15 pm

Grand Forks is getting a new gas station and pump prices will reflect those of a different era…but don’t expect to be able to full up your tank.   An antique station is being moved from Ayr, North Dakota, to the Myra Museum to become part of the historic display of buildings.  The one-storywood frame building measures 24 by 30 feet with two pumps out front.   Lea Byzewski of the Grand Forks County Historical Society says they’ve been talking about adding an antique gas pump on site for a couple of years.   Byzewski says while the building resembles an old Mobile gas station it’s not exactly the real deal.   The station is expected to begin its trek to Grand Forks later this week.   Ayr is located in Cass County about 82 miles from Grand Forks.    

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