Alerus Land Deal

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Jan 28, 2014 at 11:08 am


A grand forks committee is recommending the alerus center proceed with plans to purchase three nearby parcels at a cost of around three million dollars.   under the deal the alerus would purchase one lot straight out with cash.  A down payment via earnest money would secure the rights to the other two parcels with a closing date set for January 2015.  the land is to the south of the events center building.  Councilman terry bjerke who attended the finance committee meeting says he’s been a critic of the big building in the past but there is some logic to this move.   portions of the land are already used for overflow parking and it will give the events center access to a south exit out of the existing lots.

Several finance committee members also expressed interest in a fourth parcel although no negotiations have taken place – yet.

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