2011 produces record refunds

2011 produces record refunds Click to Enlarge

Jun 28, 2012 at 2:09 pm

North Dakota returned a record two-point-eight million dollars in state and local taxes to canadian shoppers in 2011. visitors from north of the border can request sales tax refunds on purchases of more than 25 dollars.   The state has offered the rebate program since 1989. a total of 22-thousand-672 refunds were processed last year. State tax commissioner cory fong says it's a tool to lure more people to the state but it's not the only reason people come to north Dakota.  Canadian shoppers can combine receipts and file on-line within three years of the date of purchase.   The amount refunded in 2011 included 13-thousand-821 requests amounting to 299-thousand dollars in grand forks city sales tax collections.

Fargo:   112,383 dollars on 8,010 requests

Bismarck: 16,701 dollars on 1,911 requests

Minot: 299,224 on 7,072 requests

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